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Common Gas Grill Problems and Solutions

Having a gas grill lets you enjoy tasty grilled food but you must also take real care of it. In order to correctly diagnose the problem of your gas grill, it is not necessary that you are an expert mechanic. Most of the time you do not need the help of a professional repairman and can fix a lot of problems yourself. It is important that you are able to correctly diagnose a few main problems you might encounter while using your gas grill. Here are the most common problems of gas grills:

Burners won’t ignite

Generally, burners don’t ignite due to some sort of issue relate to the flow of propane. To resolve the issue, check the entire propane connections and ensure that the propane tank is full. In case your propane tank is full then check the knob located at the tank’s top. Secure the connection by tightening the knob. Also check the valve which must be opened when lighting the burners. If these solutions do not work, look at the burners which are placed inside the gas grill. Ensure that there is no flame and the gas is off. Blast some air from a can of compressed air at the burners to remove any food particles and grease which might be blocking the burners.

Your igniter could also be not working due to extreme cold or dampness. In order to resolve this issue, manually light the small hole located in the area near to the igniter switch with a propane barbecue lighter. Turn on the valve located at the top of the propane tank and then turn the knob located at the control range to the position ‘Light’. Finally, ignite your lighter.

Grillers won’t get hot

To fix this issue adjust the venture tubes or air shutters inside the gas grill and ensure they are correctly aligned. Also check the fittings of gas tank to ensure that there is no leakage. While keeping the gas valve closed gradually release the valve on propane tank’s top. Spray a mixture of a cup of water and a tablespoon of dish all over the hoses and fittings. There might be a leak if the bubbles are created. In such a case disconnect the gas and tighten the parts that are leaking or replace the damaged parts. Also check the control knobs which can affect the gas flow as well.

Flame becomes yellow

In order to resolve this issue check the venture tubes for any foreign materials and clean them. Also clean the burners to ensure there are no food particles and grease on it. To remove the oil film from the burners, turn on the gas grill on high setting for ten minutes. For further issues and fixes, you must follow gas grills official website along with best gas grills reviews.

If the regulators tend to stick, the gas supply would be affected. To resolve this issue, turn off the gas and open the lid of the gas grill. Position the control valves on High setting for 60 seconds and then turn off them. Proceed to grilling after reconnecting the gas line and gradually turning on the gas.

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