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Cold Pressed Juice Recipes You Can Try In Your New Cold Press Juicer

You might have noticed the fact that everybody seems to be going crazy over juices lately. And not the packaged juices which you buy from the stores but the homemade juices extracted out of real vegetables and fruits. These juices not only taste wonderful but are also loaded with healthy nutrients which are difficult to consume otherwise. When you get such a healthy combination of nutrients in a delicious drink, I doubt that anyone will find it easy to resist. Most of the juicing enthusiasts might already be aware of the latest development in the juicing world by the name of cold press juicers. They are excellent tools which slowly extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables while keeping all the rich nutrients and enzymes intact. If you have just brought home your new cold press juicer and are looking for a good recipe to try, here are some interesting ones you can choose from:

Green juice with apple:

Green juices include healthy vegetables which provide you with a boost of nutrients and energy and also improve your digestive system. A typical green juice only contains green vegetables but if you haven’t consumed green juices before and want to add them to your diet you should start with a recipe that includes a sweet fruit along with the green vegetables to balance out the bitter flavor of the greens.


  1. Ginger, 20g
  2. Lemons, 3
  3. Spinach, 500g (you can also use kale in its place)
  4. Celery, 250 g
  5. Apples, 5


Wash all the fruits and vegetables well. Cut the apples in halves and remove the seeds. Feed them through the feed chute along with all the rest of the ingredients.

Celery Juice:

Since green juices are so popular these days and I’m such a big fan, I thought I should include another delicious recipe. It has an amazing combination of ingredients to load it with nutrients while also giving it a great flavor that you will surely adore.


  1. celery ribs, 4
  2. cucumber, 1
  3. pineapple, 1 cup (cubed)
  4. lime, 1 (peeled)
  5. parsley, 1 bunch
  6. jalapeño, 1 (optional)
  7. a pinch of salt


After washing and preparing all the fruits and vegetables, feed them into the feed chute of the cold press juicer and extract their juice. Pour the juice out in glasses and add a pinch of salt. Stir it well and serve. For more recipes and purchasing one, you can follow

Classic nut milk:

Although not exactly a juice drink, it is undoubtedly a very healthy drink you will love having especially in summers.


  1.    Almond, 0.9 kg (soaked overnight)
  2.    Water, 3 kg (which was used for soaking almonds)
  3.    Dates, 200 g
  4.    Vanilla bean, 20 g


Add water along with the almonds into the juicer. Next you will add the pitted dates along with all the remaining water. Also add vanilla bean. Pour out the juice into glasses and serve.

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